Dice Tsutsumi’s Work on La Luna

Dice Tsutsumi Pixar La Luna Concept Art

Yesterday, Dice Tsutsumi, the great Pixar artist, and organizer of the Artists Help Japan eBay auctions (March/April of 2012), posted some endearing comments about working with director Enrico Casarosa on the stunningly beautiful, La Luna. Tsutsumi mentions that he was the first person to work with Enrico on the visual development for the short and posted several early pieces of his work. Although Tsutsumi was transferred from the short to help with a feature film, he expressed his respect and friendship with Enrico. If you haven’t visited Dice’s blog (Simple Stroke), we highly recommend you check it out – plus, you can view a few more La Luna pieces.

Dice Tsutsumi Pixar La Luna Concept Art

As a side note, look at the beautiful lighting work that Dice puts into his early work – the rim lighting on Bambino and his Father is one of those subtle touches that set his art apart.

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