Merida with a Sword – not a bow?

Brave Merida and Fergus Screencap

Two new Brave stills have been released via Collider both showing Merida brandishing a sword! It seems this spunky new princess is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to weaponry.

In the first still, it looks as if Merida is playfully fighting with her father, King Fergus, while her mother, Queen Elinor, is looming in the background – probably wishing she was being courted by a fellow suitor instead of roughing around.

In the second still, you can clearly feel the intensity and seriousness of the situation.  Merida looks as if she’s about to take a stand – perhaps “change her fate”.

After viewing these new stills, I went back and watched the latest Brave trailer, and if you look closely at 1:34 into the trailer you will see Merida doing what appears to be practicing swinging a sword on her bed.

Though, I’m still curious as to where her bow is – I guess we’ll find out on June 22.

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