Pixar "Autograph" Mickey Ears

Pixar Autograph Mickey Ears

Last year I created my Pixar/Steve Jobs “Mickey Ears” to wear during our Disney World trip, but ever since we returned I’ve been thinking about my next creative venture. 

I knew I wanted to make another set of Pixar-themed ears and the idea I came up with was a pair of Pixar “Autograph” Mickey Ears.  I instantly knew that I would have to make two sets of ears – as there are eight Pixarians that I immediately wanted to honor.  The first set is now complete with autographs from directors; John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Lee Unkrich all set in about 2000 sequins.

Pixar Autograph Mickey Ears

It took quite some time to find photos of these talented individuals’ autographs as I had to scour the Internet, then re-create them all in sequins. The hardest autograph was Lee Unkrich’s…whoa – that one took me a long time to finish, it was my “Yeti’s Cave” of this project!

A fun fact about these ears is that there are “113” black sequins in John Lasseter’s signature – a nod to the “A113” that’s hidden in every Pixar film.

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  1. Thank you again! Yes, the ears are comprised of black and white sequins – no marker involved! 🙂 It took a long time to do the signatures because the sequins had to be cut from being circles (on some of them) to rectangles to work for the straight lines on the signatures.

  2. Omg i am so jealous! I want a pair i can't wait to see the next set! Is it black and white sequin or white sequin with marker over, it so perfect. Assuming from the 113 ref. its b/w

  3. Ha! Yeah, she was tossing around some ideas on how to make it work, but you're right…it came down to space and since he came in after the other guys, he was bumped by default! 🙂 That's great about the books that are autographed – they are the best aren't they!?!

  4. We definitely recognized Pete Doctor (we are both huge fans of Up), although we recognized all four signatures. We have a few prints and books autographed by all four of them, plus Brad Bird. Which reminds me, why no love for Brad Bird??? I know I know, there's only room for four names.

  5. That's great! Julie mentioned to me that a couple recognized her autographed ears (Pete Docter's autograph specifically) – and now we know who you are! Glad you enjoyed the site and we'll be in touch! T.J.

  6. I found your blog! You probably don't know who I am, but my wife and I saw you on the monorail Sunday and were talking about your autographed ears. Great site, I've added it to my bookmarks!! Keep up the good work and enjoy your trip to Pixar in April.

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