LEGO Creates Pixar’s UP House – Available April 1, 2023

LEGO to release new Disney•Pixar themed UP House in celebration of Disney’s 100th Anniversary.
LEGO UP House image
In celebration of Disney’s 100th Anniversary, LEGO has created their version of Pixar’s UP House.

Calling all Pixar and LEGO fans, a brand new Pixar-themed LEGO Up set is on the horizon. Bypassing Paradise Falls and flying into stores on April 1, 2023, fans will be able to purchase Carl and Ellie Fredricksen’s “Up” house – complete with high-flying balloons.

Celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary, LEGO and Disney have paired together to re-create some of the magic of Disney and Pixar.

The 598-piece Up house set (#43217) features two Minifigures with Carl Fredricksen and Russell, as well as two animal Minifigures of Dug and, of course, a…SQUIRREL! In addition to the Minifigures, the UP House LEGO set comes complete with Carl and Ellie’s Adventure book.

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The Up house set is available on LEGO’s website or available on Amazon.



LEGO and Pixar are no strangers to each other, with numerous sets released each year based on present and past films – like Toy Story 4 or Lightyear.

If you recall, back in September 2015, Pixarian (and LEGO aficionado) Angus MacLane had his LEGO WALL-E hit store shelves. We have been fans of MacLane’s LEGO creations, even re-creating our version of the LEGO bunny from Toy Story That Time Forgot.


LEGO also announced the release of the Disney 100 Minifigures coming to stores on May 1, 2023. While the majority of the 18 Minifigures are classic Disney characters, there are two Pixar-themed characters, Miguel (with Dante) and Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco.

The only thing that would have made the Coco mini figures even better would be if Dante were alebrije Dante – since Miguel has his skeletal face as he does in the Land of the Dead.

Disney 100 Minifigures Bag

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