New ‘Lightyear’ LEGO Sets Revealed – Coming April 24, 2022

New ‘Lightyear’ LEGO sets revealed, including one with Zurg! Sets will be available April 24, 2022.

Director of Lightyear, Angus MacLane is not only an incredible filmmaker but did you know he is an avid LEGO fan too? If you recall, back in 2013 MacLane submitted a LEGO version of WALL-E to the LEGO Ideas website and in 2015 LEGO actually created and sold his design. Not only did he design the WALL-E LEGO but he also created the popular Cube Dudes series, which he explains in this LEGO Blocumentary from 2013. 

Recently, Angus MacLane took to Twitter to share his excitement for the upcoming Lightyear Lego sets including new pieces he wanted LEGO to build. 

Lightyear Lego Sets

Being rather big LEGO fans ourselves, we were quite excited when we noticed the official LEGO website currently lists 3 Pixar Lightyear sets which will be available on April 24, 2022. No word yet if there will be more than the 3 listed sets, but we’ll be sure to update if additional details are announced. 

XL-15 Spaceship – $49.99 (Item# 76832 – 497 pieces)

Zurg Battle – $29.99 (Item# 76831 – 195 pieces)

Zyclops Chase – $19.99 (Item# 76830 – 130 pieces)

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