Mattel Elemental Toy Exploring Element City Pack

Elemental Toys – Mattel Figures Featuring Ember, Wade and Clod

Mattel’s line of Pixar Elemental Toys are coming soon – check out this Exploring Element City 3-pack

Pixar’s summertime film, Elemental, will be hitting theaters on June 16, 2023, but coming to stores even sooner are a collection of fantastic Elemental toys.

Check out the “Exploring Element City Pack” from Mattel’s Storytellers line of figures that were gifted to us when visiting Pixar Animation Studios for the film’s press day.

Featuring a blue-transparent Wade, a firey-orange Ember, and the earth boy, Clod. This set is a perfect Elemental action figure starter pack. Read on as we take a close look at each figure individually.


Wade Ripple’s figure comes with a puddle-looking base, and he stands up perfectly when attached. His head can turn side-to-side, and his legs move forward and back as a combined pair.

Elemental Wade Toy Action Figure

His arms also rotate at the shoulder and where his arms are attached to his shirt. Wade is easily my favorite Elemental action figure from this set. His hair “waves” and translucency look fantastic with the light reflecting off of him.



Ember’s figure attaches at the waste to a static arm and brick-themed base. This is essential since her legs come to a point at the bottom, and the figure can’t stand on its own.

The printing on her face adds a good dimension of yellow colors to blend into her translucent orange firey face. (There is even a little yellow on the back of her head for added dimension.) Her head is very posable and is attached to a ball-style joint, so she can look in almost any natural direction.

Elemental Mattel Ember Toy Figure

Her legs and arms are individually movable where they attach to her soft-plastic clothing. There are even small glitter pieces embedded into the dress to mimic the metallic look of her real clothes.



Clod is our Son’s favorite Elemental toy in the Exploring Element City pack. He loves his patch of grassy hair, friendly smile, and that he’s holding a small flower. Clod is a hilarious character in the film and his toy reflects his spirited nature.

Clod’s arms and legs may be short, but he does still have a small amount of movement in them. His legs can move back and forward, his arms can raise and turn in many directions, and his head can swivel all the way around.

Elemental Clod Toy

He attaches to Ember’s base as well with a foot peg in either of his feet. This is fitting for Clod because he’s always hovering around and ready to adore Ember.


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Although we haven’t seen Mattel‘s Exploring Element City Pack on shelves or online yet, we’ll be sure to update this post once it appears. Let us know if you find it as well.

UPDATED: The Elemental toy set has popped up on Amazon.

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