Elemental Character Posters – Meet Ember, Wade, Clod and Gale

Check out the main types of elements character – Water, Fire, Earth and Wind in Pixar’s Elemental (in theaters, June 16, 2023).
Elemental Character Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

Along with the full-length trailer for Pixar’s Elemental, some character posters were also revealed today. Of course, we’ve previously met Ember and Wade, but now we get a closer look at Clod (think of him like a clod of dirt) and Gale (like a strong wind).

This movie is packed with puns – not only in the characters’ names but also in the products and store signs in the background. There is just so much to take in on this film.

The character posters also highlight the main elements types that make up the lands in the film – Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

There are also some of the characters that are featured on the Elemental Theater display that we recently saw at Pixar Animation Studios (we originally posted to Twitter).

Be sure to watch Elemental in theaters on June 16, 2023 – and from what we’ve seen in the test screening, the 3D version of the film looks amazing as well.

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