Toy Story 5 Confirmed to be in Development

Toy Story 5 was announced by Bob Iger during the February 2023 Disney Earnings Call – will Buzz and Woody return?
Toy Story 5 Logo

During the February 2023 Disney Quarterly earnings call, CEO Bob Iger surprised fans by announcing that a new Toy Story film (Toy Story 5) was in development at Pixar.

Of course, this opens our minds up to many questions. When will it release? Who will direct the film? Will we see long-time pals Buzz and Woody back together again? Will Forky still be a main character?


Listen to a brief clip of Bob Iger announcing Toy Story 5 along with sequels for Frozen and Zootopia.



We were initially unsure if the movie would be a Toy Story prequel, sequel, or side story within the franchise. Soon after Mr. Iger’s announcement, though, Pixar artists and Buzz vocal actor Tim Allen chimed in with their thoughts on the film, giving a much clearer indication that it would be titled Toy Stoy 5.

Tim Allen tweeted, “See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!”

Additionally, veteran Pixar story artist Jeff Pidgeon posted on his Instagram story, “I thought it’d be longer before it was announced, but yes! I’m working on Toy Story 5!”

Pixar Story Artist Jeff Pidgeon announces Toy Story 5

Jeff’s tweet is the most significant indication of the status of the film. Since Jeff is a story artist, that phase of development happens very early in the process. We would estimate that Toy Story 5 would probably hit theaters in 2026 or 2027 based on that information.

Pixar recently announced dates for a March 6 and June 19, 2026 release. Toy Story 5 screams summer-release, so we’d estimate June 19, 2026, or June 18, 2027.


Much like the Toy Story 4 announcement, fans are having mixed feelings about another entry into the franchise. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below, or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum thread about the movie.

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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic. As a fan and defender of Toy Story 4 I’m struggling with where we go. If you bring Woody and Buzz back together it discredits 4, and makes investing in any ending more difficult as “they may just undo it”. I’d have preferred shorts following each of the two groups. I’m also interested to see if Forky is even there. Sporks break quite easily.

    1. Andrew – I feel the same way. It would seem weird to separate them to only bring them back together. That said, I also WANT them back together because I don’t feel like they should have separated in the first place…so?! I am conflicted based on the situation we’re in with the toys! It will definitely be interesting to see if Forky makes it – arts and crafts projects can often quickly come and go in a kid’s life.

  2. I have always been a defender of Toy Story 4, since it was confirmed in 2015. I didn’t want a fourth movie, like, I wanted one more story with Bo Peep and Woody; since 2011 I wanted that. The ineffable emotion I felt in 2015 when Toy Story 4 was confirmed was because that dream would finally come true. I always defended that film, even when in 2019 almost everyone hated it; I defended the origin and what Toy Story 4 ended up having. I have a You Tube channel called The ToyStoryChannel, where I have talked a lot about Toy Story 4, appreciating it and highlighting the good and interesting things that this movie had, to make it see its detractors that it is not perfect but it is not a bad movie either; It had elements that greatly enriched the Toy Story universe that not many people have been able to understand. But above all defending and making it known that Toy Story 4 WAS NECESSARY, explaining why it existed. But Toy Story 5? That is a totally unnecessary movie that the stupid Disney company is only making because they want to have power, not only for money, but because they want to have power. With Toy Story 5 DISNEY JUST MURDERED PIXAR

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