Angus MacLane Talks ‘Lightyear’ LEGO Builds with Adam Savage

Watch along as the Lightyear Director and Tested’s Adam Savage discuss how LEGO inspired some of the ship’s designs
Adam Savage Angus MacLane Lightyear LEGO

Angus MacLane, the director of Lightyear, stopped by the Tested set with Adam Savage to discuss the film as well as how LEGO inspired several designs in the film. The video is also a subtle reminder that the Lightyear 4K, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases are all available now (more on that below).

The video is an absolute blast to watch as you hear Angus and his friend, Adam, talk about the plasma drill, the E.R.I.C. character, and the armadillo ship.

Lightyear Armadillo Ship Development Art
LIGHTYEAR – (Clockwise from top left): LEGO® bricks set by Angus MacLane with photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar and Concept Art by Greg Peltz. © 2022 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

About 7 minutes into the conversation, Adam tears open the LEGO Lightyear XL-15 ship box and starts building.

As others have said in the comments on the video, we wish we could hear all of Angus and Adam’s discussion throughout the full build (since they do some cuts and fast-forwarding). It’s a funny conversation with Angus noting, “my interests since I was five have not changed. My interests are basically LEGO, robots, and movies.


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If you liked the video above, this is also the perfect reason to get the 4K, Blu-ray, or Digital release of Lightyear since it contains the Director’s Commentary track. If you listen along, you’ll hear fantastic insights (like the items in the video above) from Angus MacLane (director), Jeremy Lasky (director of photography), and Jason Headley (writer).

Pick up your copy of Lightyear on Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Movies Anywhere, and many more retailers.

Of course, you can also pick up the LEGO Lightyear sets, too (there are three in all) — XL-15 ship, Zurg’s Battle, and the Zyclops Chase.

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