Cars on the Road Happy Meal Toys at McDonald’s — All the Details

Check out the full line-up of 8 Cars on the Road themed Happy Meal toys from McDonalds
Cars on the Road Happy Meal Toys

A brand new line of eight Cars on the Road Happy Meal toys themed after the Pixar series has raced into McDonald’s restaurants (now playing on Disney+). As soon as we heard the news, we went to our local McDonald’s to check out the complete lineup.

Watch below as we share our video highlighting our trip to McDonald’s, the official Cars on the Road Happy Meal toy commercial, and the full in-app play experience. There is a ton of fun animation your kids can engage with in the app (or Happy Meal website – for a limited time).


The fun, short-range pullback cars feature a trio of Lightning McQueen and Mater designs as well as the return of Cruz Ramirez (from Cars 3) and Ivy, the talented monster truck.



  1. Road Trip Lightning McQueen
  2. Cruz Ramirez
  3. Rumbler Mater
  4. Rumbler Lightning McQueen
  5. Road Trip Mater
  6. Ivy
  7. Cave Lightning McQueen
  8. Cave Mater


Cars on the Road Happy Meal Toy App Game

In the Happy Meal app, you can place your toy on the edge of your phone or tablet screen and imagine you’re driving as your favorite characters throughout the app. Along the way, you’ll choose what activity you’d like to take on at each stop – each stop is themed after an episode of the Cars on the Road show.

  • Stop 1 – Hotel Destiny
    • Activity 1 – Drive through a spooky graveyard
    • Activity 2 – Enter the haunted Hotel Destiny
  • Stop 2 – Stunt Circus
    • Activity 1 – Walk across a tight rope
    • Activity 2 – Launch yourself out of a cannon
  • Stop 3 – Dino Park
    • Activity 1 – Watch car-styled dinosaurs through the bushes
    • Activity 2 – Watch a volcano erupt
  • Stop 4 – Salt Flats
    • Activity 1 – Outfit a racer to race across the salt flats (then test it yourself)
    • Activity 2 – Race across the salt flats to reach top speeds
  • Stop 5 – Movie Set
    • Activity 1 – Watch a movie set come together
    • Activity 2 – Walk through the zombie cars on a movie set


Ivy and Lightning McQueen McDonald's Character Art

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You can visit your local Mcdonald’s for a limited time (September 20 – October 17, 2022) to find the Cars on the Road Happy Meal Toys. If the cars are no longer available, your best bet is to search eBay. You can click here to use our pre-filtered eBay search for the Cars on the Road Happy Meal Toys.

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