Mondo Set to Release ‘Lightyear’ Vinyl

Watching a Pixar film, especially the action-packed sci-fi film of Lightyear, in an official movie theater not only highlighted the gorgeous visuals but had the music speak and define each moment and character in a way that we hadn’t experienced in years. The music of Lightyear is one of Pixar’s absolute bests in our opinion – from beginning to end, the ambiance and new themes are astounding with our favorite moments tied to the ominous Zurg. Composer Michael Giacchino has truly created a visual presence with just music especially about a minute into the track Zurg Awakens.

Mondo has announced (via exclusive from Gizmodo) that they will be releasing a double LP featuring artwork by Devin Elle Kurtz, liner notes by The Wrap’s Drew Taylor, and is pressed on 2x 180 Gram color vinyl. The Lightyear vinyl will cost $40 and will go on sale Wednesday, June 22 at Similar Pixar themed vinyls have been previously released including Up, Ratatouille, and Coco.

While the entire score in its entirety has us gobsmacked, Giacchino recalls his favorite tracks in a recent interview with Variety, “One of my favorite sequences is called ‘Mission Perpetual.’ It’s early on in the film when Buzz is trying to accomplish a mission and keeps failing. It was an exciting challenge for me because there were so many things the music needed to convey: Buzz’s frustration with himself and the sadness of being alone in his pursuit, but also his undying ambition and drive to achieve his goal. I went through a similar ‘mission’ myself to get this cue right, but once I did, it was incredibly rewarding.”

Lightyear Score Track Listing

Disc One – Side A

1. Mission Log 2:22
2. Initial Greetings 3:23
3. Lightyear 2:45
4. The Best Laid Flight Plans of Space and Men 1:11
5. Blown on Course 1:50
6. A Hyper Failure 0:55
7. Lightyear’s Behind 1:43
8. Mission Perpetual 2:41
9. The Lone Space Ranger 2:26

Disc One – Side B

1. Afternoon Delight Speed 4:42
2. Light Speed at the End of The Tunnel 0:33
3. Relative Success 0:41
4. Zurg Awakens 1:52
5. Operations Surprise Party0:43
6. A Good Day to Not Die 2:36
7. Zurg’s Displeasure 0:29
8. Space Afraiders 3:56
9. Zurg-onomics 1:59

Disc Two – Side A

1. Oh, Hover 2:55
2. Mistake It All In 1:31
3. Buzz, Meet Zurg 1:34
4. To Infinity And Be Gone 4:12
5. Hawthore In Her Side 0:56
6. World’s Worst Self-Destruct Sequence 1:38
7. Time To Space Your Fears 4:00
8. Hiding from Yourself 1:19
9. Improv-Izzy-tion 0:49

Disc Two – Side B

1. Back To Buzzness 3:10
2. Home On The Space Range 2:57
3. Infinite MOEtion 2:07
4. One Suite Buzz 12:26

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