‘Luca’ Featurette Showcases Vocal Cast Interviews & New Footage

Watch the new featurette for Pixar’s Luca with Jim Gaffigan, Maya Rudolph and more – streaming June 18 on Disney+
Pixar Luca Friendship Featurette

In celebration of National Streaming Day, Disney and Pixar have released a new featurette from Luca which showcases brief interviews with the vocal cast and Director, Enrico Casarosa. Along with the discussion about the story and the joys of childhood summers, there are also a few new seconds of footage from the film as well (not previously seen in trailers).

Watch the new clip below and chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

Which part of the featurette made you laugh the most? We loved how Giulia was swimming and how Alberto and Luca cringe at how bad human swimmers are (compared to sea monsters).

Also, what are those amazing Leonardo da Vinci-style gliders that they’re flying? (Appropriate if that’s a nod to da Vinci, as well, since he was Italian.)

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