‘Luca’ Happy Meal Toys Now Available at McDonald’s

Disney Pixar Luca bath/water toys now available in McDonald’s Happy Meals.
Disney Pixar Luca McDonalds Happy Meal

It’s time to kick off the Summer at McDonald’s, as Pixar Luca toys are now available as the latest Happy Meal toy offering. There are 8 total Luca Happy Meal toys for you to collect, and they feature an array of characters from the film — including the silly goatfish, Monalisa.

What’s great about these Luca Happy Meal toys is that they are all bath/water toys, which go great with the theme of the film. If you recall, back in June 2018, Disney once again partnered with the restaurant chain to offer their toys as part of Happy Meals. 

Below is the complete list of the toys with the bag numbers:

  1. Luca Paguro (sea monster)
  2. Monalisa (goatfish)
  3. Alberto Scorfano (human form)
  4. Giulia Marcovaldo
  5. Machiavelli (cat)
  6. Alberto Scorfano (sea monster)
  7. Luca Paguro (human form)
  8. Massimo Marcovaldo (Giulia’s Dad)
Disney Pixar Luca Happy Meal Toys

Along with the new toys, you can head to the official McDonald’s Happy Meal website and download some fun coloring/activity pages, or even download the Happy Meal app to play games, make music, or apply digital masks to your photos.

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