Breaking News: Aphton Corbin and Rosana Sullivan Developing Feature Films at Pixar

Rosana Sullivan and Aphton Corbin are currently developing feature films at Pixar Animation Studios.
Aphton Corbin Rosana Sullivan Feature Films

A month ago, during the Disney Investor Day, Pixar announced many new and exciting projects ranging from new feature films to Disney+ series. Today, the announcements continue as the Hollywood Reporter announced that Aphton Corbin and Rosana Sullivan are currently developing feature films at the studio. While no additional details on their films were released, we can guess that perhaps these two films are one of the first projects officially greenlit by Pete Docter. LucaTurning Red, and Lightyear were all greenlit before Docter taking on the Chief Creative Officer role.

“In the past we had a big run of sequels, too many in a row,” says Docter, whose feature green lights have not yet been publicly announced. “Now we have a lot of original stuff, which I’m personally excited about, but for financial safety we probably should have a few more sequels in there. Sometimes it’s tough, because the creative projects have a life of their own, and they either take off or they don’t.”

Aphton Corbin

Aphton Corbin started at Pixar as a story artist in 2016, working on Toy Story 4. Most recently, she worked as a story artist on the Disney+ feature film, Soul, where we were lucky enough to chat with her during the Soul press days. With the announcement that she is developing a feature, we visited her personal website. Her original comics are both hilarious and heartfelt, which has us incredibly excited to see what she is working on.

Aphton Corbin Original Comics

Rosana Sullivan

Rosana Sullivan has been at Pixar since 2011, working as a storyboard artist, writer, executive producer, and director. In 2019, she wrote and directed her first animated short film, Kitbull, for the Pixar SparkShorts program. Kitbull received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short film and currently has over 46 million views on Pixar’s official YouTube channel (before the SparkShorts moving to the Disney+ platform).

In April 2019, Sullivan released a picture book titled ‘Mommy Sayang’ in the Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase series. This book series enables employees within the studio by allowing them to showcase their personal projects in picture books featuring original art and characters.

We are incredibly excited about the news on Aphton and Rosana and cannot wait to hear more about what stories they are developing with their teams. Be sure to share your thoughts on the news with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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