The John Ratzenberger Easter Egg in Pixar’s ‘Soul’ has Been Found!

Fans have been buzzing about where the famed John Ratzenberger Easter Egg has been in Pixar’s Soul – well, we found him! Watch the video of his reveal

The internet has been buzzing about the location of one particular Easter Egg in Pixar’s latest film, Soul — and we found it! John Ratzenberger is affectionately labeled as “Pixar’s lucky charm” since he’s voiced a character in every Pixar film to date…until now.

The hunt for the Ratzenberger Easter Egg started when we got a copy of the credits for Soul (prior to the film’s release) and noticed that John Ratzenberger was not listed as a vocal actor. This stood out because John has voiced a character in every Pixar film. He was Hamm in Toy Story, Mack in Cars, P.T. Flea in A Bug’s Life (full list below).

Thinking to ourselves, “this can’t be correct,” we reached out to Pixar and they confirmed the news for us. What? How could this be?

John Ratzenberger Easter egg in Pixar's Soul

We also heard that he was still “in the film”, so we set out scouring every last corner of the frame until we found a picture, a written sign, or a character who looked like John. Since today was also the Watch Party for Soul and the film’s creators were tweeting along, we figured it was the best time to reach out.

We sent a quick screengrab to Kemp Powers (co-writer/co-director) who quickly confirmed over Twitter that we were correct. Check out our YouTube video below to view a clip of John’s Easter Egg from Soul, and the backstory of how we came to find John.

For reference, we figured it would be fun to include the full list of Pixar characters John has voiced for each film.


  • Brave — Gordon the Guard
  • A Bug’s Life — P.T. Flea
  • Cars 1-3 — Mack
  • Coco — Juan Ortodoncia
  • Finding Dory — Husband Crab
  • Finding Nemo — Fish School
  • The Good Dinosaur — Earl
  • The Incredibles (1 & 2) — Underminer
  • Inside Out — Fritz
  • Monsters, Inc. & Monsters University — The Abominable Snowman / Yeti
  • Onward — Construction Worker Fenwick
  • Ratatouille — Mustafa
  • Soul — First Pixar film he doesn’t voice a character in and his likeness is represented
  • Toy Story 1-4 — Hamm
  • Up — Construction Foreman Tom
  • WALL•E — John

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