New ‘Onward’ Featurette Showcases an Emotional Brotherly Embrace

A new ‘Onward’ featurette showcases an emotional embrace between Ian and Barley Lightfoot.

An emotional brotherly embrace showcased in the latest Onward featurette has us wondering, could this be the moment at the end of the Ian and Barley’s journey? Do the Lightfoot brothers find the magic they are so longing for? While we will have to wait until the March 6, 2020, theatrical release to have those questions answered, Pixar did recently release a nearly two-minute featurette showcasing the vocal cast along with director Dan Scanlon.

At Pixar, filmmakers are encouraged to tell personal stories. With Onward, director Dan Scanlon, who lost his father when he was 1-year old, took that personal story and really dove into it with the encouragement from his team. One of the best things about Pixar films is the connection that the audience can make with the film based on their own personal stories and life experiences. Dan noted, “That’s the fun when making one of these movies, is at some point it’s the story of all the people who helped make it, and then it becomes the story of all the people that watch it.”

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