First Look: Check out Ian and Barley Lightfoot From ‘Onward’ as They Will Appear in Disney Parks [Updated]

Check out the Disney Park character versions of Ian and Barley Lightfoot. When will they start to greet guests at the Disney Parks?
Ian and Barley Onward at Disney World and Disneyland

One of the most exciting things about the release of a new Pixar film is the immersion of new characters and merchandise within the Disney Parks. If you recall, for Coco, the Disney Parks incorporated a festive showcase of song and puppetry, with Toy Story 4, the Disney Parks unveiled Bo Peep in her new look. In a photo shared recently on Instagram (from Pixar lighting artist, Phil Shoebottom), it looks as if Ian and Barley Lightfoot from Pixar’s upcoming film, Onward will be set for meet-and-greets at Disney Parks.

Onward's Ian and Barley character meet at Disney Parks

UPDATED – February 18. The Disney Parks Blog has officially revealed additional details surrounding when Ian and Barley will be joining the Disney Parks. Here’s an excerpt from their full article.

On March 5, Ian and Barley will make their Disney Parks debut as part of the Disneyland After Dark: Pixar Nite special event, and beginning the next day – the same day Onward hits theaters – you’ll be able to meet them daily at Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure park. Soon, the elf brothers will also make their way to Hong Kong Disneyland, to meet guests and then join in the fun with the return of the Pixar Water Play Street Party!”

How exciting — we’ve been waiting for these details and can’t wait to see fan reactions from the park!

Can’t make it to the Disney Parks to see Ian and Barley Lightfoot? Be sure to take a look at the upcoming dates and locations (included in our earlier post) as the brother’s trusty van, Guinevere will be traveling around the United States.

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