Check Out the Untold Adventures of Bo Peep in ‘Lamp Life’ Available on Disney+ January 31

Check out the untold adventures of Bo Peep in a brand new ‘Lamp Life’ trailer. The short film will be available on Disney+ January 31.
Pixar Lamp Life Logo with Bo Peep

From a minor electrical fire to late-night college parties, you can see a glimpse Bo Peep’s fun-filled adventures in a newly released trailer for Lamp Life (embedded below). The short film, will answer all your questions regarding what happened to Bo Peep before Toy Story 4 — including her journey in and out of the Second Chance Antique Store.

Recently, the voice behind our favorite crook-wielding heroine, Annie Potts sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss Lamp Life.

ET: When you signed on for Toy Story 4, did you know you’d be doing this short, too?

Annie Potts: I did not! But I think a lot of people had questions about where Bo had been and what she’d been doing and what formed this new, wonderful, feisty, self-sufficient Bo who Woody can’t resist anymore. And as always with Pixar, it’s a delightful, touching, funny, sweet little [movie]. It’s eight minutes of what Bo’s been doing. I just love her. I’m hoping before long I have a little granddaughter so she can have her grandmother’s company forever.

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

ET: Have you started stockpiling the Bo Peep merch to pass on to her?

Annie Potts: [Laughs] They sent me a big treasure trove of that, but I have a lot of people coming out so a lot of my stuff got pilfered, I have to say. Just so I get the first iteration of things, I may need to re-up by Bo gift closet.

ET: Lamp Life is the first Toy Story project to be directed by a woman, Valerie LaPointe. [She joins Pixar’s growing roster of female directors, which also includes Bao’s Domee Shi and a number of Spark Shorts helmers.] To have Bo Peep front her own short film while making franchise history with a female director, what does that mean to you?

Annie Potts: Well, I was thrilled by that. She’d been with us through the whole process of the big movie. Bo’s a feminist heroine, so it’s like, check. Female director? Check. That’s all good.

Directed by longtime Pixar Story Artist, Valerie LaPointe, who recently worked as a Story Supervisor on Toy Story 4Lamp Life will be available exclusively on Disney+ on January 31.

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