‘Monsters At Work’ Coming to Disney+ in March? And, a Behind-The-Scenes SparkShorts Documentary in Development

A new SparkShorts documentary is in the works for Disney Plus and will Monsters At Work start airing on Disney+ in March 2020?
Monsters at Work in development

The vast number of movies, documentaries, and short films on Disney+ seem to be expanding every day. Whether it’s a legacy project being added to the catalog, a Disney+ Original, or an announcement of new content in development, the “stream” of news is consistent (and exciting).

Last week, at the 2020 Realscreen Summit in New Orleans during the “Disney+: A Closer Look” panel, it was announced that a new documentary series would be produced which looks behind-the-scenes at Pixar’s SparkShorts program.

Pixar Sparkshorts Logo

The short films which have been released to date (PurlKitbullSmash and GrabFloatWind, and Loop) all featured an accompanying three-to-five minute “Making of” featurette on the “Extras” tab of Disney+. We anticipate that the documentary (potentially a mini-series) will be expanded looks into the existing footage along with filmmaker discussions exploring how their films were selected to be part of the SparkShorts program.

The independent production company, Supper Club, is producing the documentary and will be executive produced by Brian McGinn, Jason Sterman, and David Gelb.


Along with the exciting documentary news, Monsters At Work, the upcoming Disney+ series, which takes place after Monsters, Inc. was also in the news last week. In a recent AdAge article (spotted by PixarsBiggestFan in the Pixar Post Forum), it was noted that Monsters At Work would begin airing “next month” on the platform. 

Monsters at Work Concept Artwork of Tylor Tuskmon

The Super Bowl Advertising article was written on January 31 which would mean “next month” would be February — but, if this rumor is true, we believe that March would be more accurate (and may have been the intent of the article) — especially since Disney+ has already announced which titles are set to release in February. 

A spinoff of the Monsters, Inc. franchise, Monsters at Work will bow next month on Disney Plus.


Any way you look at it, we’re excited to hear more potential news of the upcoming animated series, and we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on March to see if this news/rumor comes to be.

What do you think of the new documentary series and the potential Monsters At Work release date? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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