Watch Ian and Barley Lightfoot Bring Their Dad (or at least his legs) Back to Life in Latest ‘Onward’ Trailer

Ian and Barley bring their dad back to life (or at least his legs) in the latest ‘Onward’ trailer & watch the Manticore in action for the first time!
Onward Screenshot Ian and Barley Tap on Shoes

Pixar released a teaser clip yesterday (October 9), featuring the reactions of Tom Holland (voice of Ian Lightfoot) and Chris Pratt (voice of Barley) watching the latest Onward trailer. Well, their excited reactions were nothing compared to ours when we watched the two-minute-long trailer featuring additional peeks into the magical world that director Dan Scanlon and his team have created — including footage from the 8-minute presentation shown at the 2019 D23 Expo.

The storyline that was framed out within this trailer is fantastic, you really get the sense of yearning the Lightfoot brothers have of wanting to see their father one more time and when the magic goes awry, the hilarity begins.

One of the biggest reveals was the first-look at the Manticore, voiced by Octavia Spencer. This mythical creature is sure to be one of the keys to bring a little bit of magic back to New Mushroomton and help the brothers see their deceased father one last time.

However, her character seems like the magic may have fizzled in her own day-to-day life (though it could be rekindled) as her tavern is soon visited by Ian and Barley in search of a much-needed map — prompting her to attack…uh…leave her new life behind and relive some magic alongside the brothers.


In addition to the trailer release, Pixar has also unveiled another Onward poster featuring the Lightfoot brothers and their dad (albeit part of him…including his signature purple socks). Honestly, the team keeps outdoing themselves with all of these theatrical, promo and teaser posters — they are all so visually appealing.

Ian and Barley City Teaser Poster


Join us LIVE (to take place October 10, at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT) to discuss and breakdown the trailer on our Pixar Post YouTube channel. We will also be sharing all the Easter Eggs we’ve spotted in the trailer so far — including the Triple Dent gum one as shown below. Additionally, you can discuss even more about the latest teaser trailer on the Pixar Post Forum thread all about Onward.

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