Disney+ to Feature Multiple Pixar Shows With Interwoven Storylines?

President of Pixar Animation Studios, Jim Morris shares that Disney+ will feature multiple shows with interwoven storylines. What does this mean?
Jim Morris Multiple Stories in Development at Pixar

The upcoming November 12 release of Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+, has fans excited about not only having the opportunity to watch classic films (from under the Disney umbrella) but also numerous new shows and content.

Pixar Animation Studios president Jim Morris recently spoke with Outlook Magazine and discussed how the studio is gearing up for the workload of some of the new Disney+ shows — but also shared some really interesting details.

Streaming is kind of a new form of television. It has its strengths and weaknesses. The strength being that it gets to a lot of people, and is pervasive and persuasive in a lot of ways. The downside is that compared to what we do in our feature films, it has financial restraints that are somewhat different.

We are also load balancing because we have got this big size company, but we have a certain amount of work (which) we can produce with our artists here in a year. We will add some people to do some work on Disney+, but we try to have a pretty balanced and stable workforce.

One of the most intriguing insights from Morris was when he discussed a series of projects which could be threaded together.

We challenged ourselves in terms of things like what could we do for Disney+ that would be similar to the impact on streaming that ‘Toy Story’ had on cinema. So, we are playing with different types of storytelling and things that could only be done in a number of different shows that have to thread together in some way…. We actually have a project that we’re doing on those lines.

What could that project be? There’s a lot of exciting potential in a few short sentences. First off, what are the “different types of storytelling” that they’re experimenting with? Second, why would the storylines need to thread together across projects in order to work? We are very excited about the attention to detail and quality that Pixar is focusing on for Disney+. What are your thoughts on the project(s) Jim mentioned? Share with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum or in the comments below.

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