Pixar-Themed Pop-Up Shops Appearing Around New York City — But What Are They For — A Secret TV Show, New NY Office?

A series of Pixar-themes pop-up shops have been appearing in New York City in May of 2019 — but what are they for and what are they promoting?
Pixar In Real Life Disney Plus TV Show WALL-E

Over the past two weeks, several Pixar-themed pop-up shops/installations have been appearing in New York City, and we can’t help but wonder, what are these mysterious-yet-cool events for? Many users on the social media platform Reddit have been inquiring about this potentially unique marketing strategy with fans speculating that this promotion for upcoming Pixar-themed shows on Disney+. However, with the launch of Disney+ set for November 12, 2019, we think this series of pop-ups could be for something else. Review some of the details we’ve been watching ever-so-closely over the last several weeks.


The first pop-up location was themed after the superstore Buy-N-Large from WALL-E (appeared on May 8 at 29th and 6th Avenue). In the images below, you’ll recognize the iconic red tracksuits from the Axiom along with a menu of items blended into a cup (just like in the film). While we can’t say any of the items sound appetizing, one guest did remark that the fries in a cup were tasty. As news of this Buy-N-Large pop-up hit social media, many New Yorkers traveled to the location only to find that it had disappeared less than 24 hours after it opened.

Monsters, Inc.

The second pop-up, on May 9, was themed around Monsters, Inc., complete with a team of performers dressed up as members of the CDA (Child Detection Agency). If you look closely you’ll see the small sock explosion dome straight from the Monsters, Inc. Scare Floor. Reddit user MrHublot (who was present during the performance) noted that a minivan parked alongside the street was marked CDA as well.

Toy Story Franchise

The third pop-up showed up late last week (May 14) on 7th Avenue between 30th and 29th, in the form of an Al’s Toy Barn storefront — complete with the Toy Story gang walking underneath traffic cones along the busy sidewalks of NYC (you’ve got to love the Slinky one separated between two cones). Again, Reddit user MrHublot was there and shared a photo showcasing the toys on display. If you look closely, you’ll see Woody (in Al’s glass case) front-and-center along with Zurg and the Pixar ball.

Al's Toy Barn Pixar pop up shop in New York City


We also happened to notice the Pixarian, Jay Ward, had a post on his Instagram page where a child dressed as Russell (in his Wilderness Explorer outfit) from Up was on the street was asking people if they needed assistance. Of course, the Pizza Planet Truck is also easy to see driving past on the street.


What do you think of these mysterious pop-up shops and are they promoting something? What do you think will pop up this week (if more do)? Be sure to share your thoughts with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum thread or in the comments below.

With the newer information from readers and comments on our social media channels, this has us speculating that this could be a few new things. Could it be a promotional video for Disney+ highlighting that all of the films are coming to the service, or could it be even larger than that, and is Pixar planning on opening a New York office (kind of like a, “welcome to the neighborhood” pitch?) Of course, we’re still not 100% sure, but it’s exciting to watch along nonetheless.

Lead image courtesy of MrHublot on Reddit.

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