Toy Story Monopoly Board Game Unboxing – Watch Out For Sid or Benson (Covers Toy Story 1-4)

Monopoly recently released a new version themed after the Toy Story franchise of films. Take a look as we preview the game which covers all films.
Toy Story Monopoly Board Game Photograph

Hasbro, the brilliant makers of toys and board games has released an updated version of Monopoly — this time themed after the Toy Story franchise of films. Although previous Pixar films have mostly found their way to be Monopoly Junior style games, this is the traditional version of the game geared towards two-to-six players (ages eight-and-up).

Be sure to watch our video review embedded below (or directly on our YouTube channel). We love that each side of the board is themed after each Toy Story movie — rather than random spaces and characters throughout. We also really liked the size and detail of the game pieces — you can play as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bo Peep, Green Alien, or Rex — but we do wish that there was maybe a Forky piece to have one unique piece from each game. (We could only imagine the Hasbro and Pixar brainstorm session as they had to determine what the right mix of characters are since the Toy Story world is so expansive — it couldn’t have been easy.)


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Be sure to pick up Toy Story Monopoly at your local store, or check it out on Amazon. If you’re viewing this post on April 24, it is the Amazon Deal of the Day currently for a lower price (retail price is $19.99 USD).

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