The Adventure of a Lifetime ‘Toy Story 4’ International Posters

A pair of Toy Story 4 posters was just released this morning highlight an “Adventure of a Lifetime”. Check them out and share your thoughts.
Toy Story 4 International Poster

Along with the newly released UK “Freedom” trailer released this morning, a pair of new posters were also revealed. First released on Twitter (via Disney Studios LA and Disney France) the posters have since appeared in multiple localized versions highlighting an “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

Which poster catches your eye the most? We really enjoy the poster of the Toy Story crew performing their dramatic rescue off the back of the RV — it’s great to see so many elements tied together in one poster — Forky’s escape, the RV trip, the carnival in the background, and Ducky and Bunny chuckling on the bumper.

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The Toy Story 4 gang posing outside of a carnival
The Toy Story 4 gang performing a dramatic rescue off the back of an RV

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