Freedom – International ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer Showcases New Rescue Scene Footage

A new Toy Story 4 international trailer for the UK (titled Freedom) just dropped on the official Disney UK channel. Check out new details from Forky!v
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This morning at 7:00 AM GMT (UK time), a new Toy Story 4 international trailer, titled Freedom dropped on the official Disney UK YouTube channel. While the trailer is relatively close to the official trailer released last week, there are a few extended scenes of Forky’s rescue, a vocal cameo by Bill Hader, and a slight tweak to Forky’s line before he jumps out of the RV.

We adored seeing additional footage of Bonnie creating Forky and how the warm window light wrapped around him as Bonnie slowly moved his hand up and down as if to say, “hello.” This has to be the moment that he goes from just being a spork craft project to obtaining life. Check out the trailer embedded below and then read some of our additional insights.

You’ll also notice that in this version of the trailer Forky says, “I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili. I am not a toy — I’m litter!” before tossing himself out the window of the RV. In the official trailer, Forky’s last line is, “I’m trash!” This is a great example of how Pixar localizes films to a region. Although folks in the U.K. would probably call plastic utensils “rubbish” before they’d call them litter, rubbish could be misconstrued, so Pixar went with “litter” over “trash” (since waste isn’t called trash in the U.K. like it is in the U.S.).

Bill Hader, the voice actor for the carnival worker who says, “Hey kids, step right up, get yourself a real Buzz Lightyear!” is likewise becoming Pixar’s second lucky charm from a vocal acting standpoint. Although John Ratzenberger, the voice of Hamm, Mack, P.T. Flea, and a voice in every other Pixar film is their official lucky charm, it was joked about at the 2013 D23 Expo that Bill was trying to be a new lucky charm. It seems like Bill is indeed a new lucky charm as he’s voiced many characters like a referee and slug in Monsters University, a fish cameo in Finding Dory, and most notably Fear from Inside Out (among others).

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