Limited Edition ‘Presto’ Alec Azam Funko Vinyl Figure Released — How to Buy

Funko released a new Pixar-themed vinyl showcasing Alec Azam from Presto. Check out the vinyl and click to buy.
Funko Pixar Presto

We’re not exactly sure why, but merchandise themed after Pixar’s short films always feel special and wholly unique — are we right? Today, Funko released an adorable vinyl figure themed about my (T.J.’s) favorite Pixar short film — Presto.

UPDATEDWe received Presto and have done a video review with additional photos — check out our post here.

Featuring a top-hat-shaped box, Alec Azam, the famed and carrot-loving rabbit, will more than likely be around three-and-a-half inches tall (we presume this will be around the same size as the past Bao and Knick Knack Funko releases). We have already ordered ours, and we’ll be sure to do a full video review once we have it in hand.

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If you happened to miss out on the release of Funko’s Pop-Up Shop, you could always look at eBay using our pre-filtered search link.

Official Description:

Alec Azam might look like an ordinary white bunny, but don’t let that adorable face fool you because this bunny has been known to get hangry when you don’t feed him enough carrots. On the other hand, Alec Azam is an experienced magician with enough tricks up his sleeve to keep you entertained for an entire lifetime, so long as you continue to feed him. If you’ve been looking for some bunny to love, this Funko Shop limited edition Alec Azam Vinyl Figure is all yours.

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