‘Toy Story 4’ Big Game Sneak Peek – Watch it Now and Then Join us Live to Discuss

During the Super Bowl, the latest Toy Story 4 teaser trailer hit and gave us even more laughs and excitement for the upcoming film.
Toy Story 4 Bo Peep with Woody

Although the Super Bowl may be believed to be the big attraction on February 3, there were two things that we feel deserved even more attention — the fact that today is Pixar’s 33rd anniversary and the release of the latest Toy Story 4 sneak peek.

The teaser, which Pixar noted would be released following the big game, offers a hilarious look at the comedic style we should expect from the upcoming film hitting theaters on June 21, 2019. The sneak peek was shorter than we originally anticipated, which makes us believe that a longer teaser trailer will release this week.

Check out the sneak peek directly on Pixar’s YouTube channel or embedded above and then join us LIVE to discuss and breakdown the trailer on our Pixar Post YouTube channel (or embedded below). Additionally, you can discuss even more about the latest teaser trailer on the Pixar Post Forum thread all about the Toy Story 4 trailers.

Pixar Post — T.J. & Julie

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