‘Incredibles 2’ In-Home Release: Elastigirl & Screenslaver Fight Sequence Modified for Photosensitive Viewers

The in-home release for Incredibles 2 Pixar has modified it in order to better accommodate photosensitive viewers. Watch clips of both versions.
Elastigirl and Screenslaver Fight in Screenslaver's Lair

If you’ve seen Incredibles 2 in theaters or in your own home, you know that the film is full of heart, humor, and many action-packed sequences. In terms of high action, the most intense scene to us was the fight sequence between Elastigirl and Screenslaver. Not only was the animation, music, and staging of the scene keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, but the bright flashing lights in this scene also affected some visually photosensitive theatergoers.

While watching the in-home release of Incredibles 2, we noticed a change during that same scene. The black-to-white flashing frequency and speed were reduced to make the release more accessible to viewers. It should be noted that this scene could still affect photosensitive viewers, but it’s great to see Pixar chose to change the scene without altering it so it no longer matches the original integrity and intensity of the scene.

To compare the two sequences, we created a GIF of the in-home release and included a YouTube user’s video from the theater (the recording quality isn’t perfect, but you can see the difference in the flashing).

Elastigirl and Screenslaver fight GIF

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