The Return of Kari: How the Chatty Babysitter Almost Reprised Her Role in ‘Incredibles 2’

Watch a deleted scene narrated by Brad Bird on how babysitter Kari McKeen almost made it into Incredibles 2.
Kari from Incredibles 2 Deleted Scene

“Now, who’s ready for some neurological stimulation?” Did you know that the billion-dollar box office success of Incredibles 2 almost featured the return of everyone’s favorite Pixar babysitter, Kari McKeen? That’s right, the chatty teenager with a mouthful of orthodontia who played a minor, but pivotal role in the first Incredibles film (as well as, the short Jack-Jack Attack) almost reprised her role in Incredibles 2.

As director Brad Bird shares during one of the bonus features for Incredibles 2, one of his favorite deleted scenes from the film reveals how the erasing of Kari’s memory (in Jack-Jack Attack) has made her parents leery of the Parr’s as they stop over for a visit. “I thought that was an intriguing way, at one point, to open the film but ultimately it didn’t really serve the story that we were trying to tell, and it had limitations to it,” shared Bird. While it would have been great to have Kari return for the sequel and listen to her non-stop teenage chatter, we have to agree with Brad Bird and the team on their decision to remove the scene, as we felt her story had been wrapped up perfectly with the short, Jack-Jack Attack.

Watch the storyboarded scene embedded below (via Entertainment Weekly).

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