Take a Peek at the “Very Fun Chaos” of Halloween at Pixar Animation Studios [VIDEO]

Take an inside look at Halloween at Pixar Animation Studios in a new Studio Story video.
Michael Frederickson Pixar Halloween Sketch

Pixar Animation Studio’s widely popular Halloween Party is just around the corner, but do you know the story behind the fun? In a newly released Pixar Studio Story, Lead Technical Director, Michael Frederickson (who also happens to be the Master of Ceremonies for the annual event) shared some fun stories and tidbits about the “very fun chaos” of Halloween at Pixar.

Throughout the years, the Halloween festivities have grown to epic proportions, whether it be the decor, the costumes, and even the prizes. Now, in the past the prizes were tied to a dollar amount (i.e., airplane tickets to anywhere in the world, etc.), well, now (thanks to Frederickson) the prizes are even better…as they are now priceless and FUN! Past examples include:

  • Grand Prize: Having Ed Catmull field your parent’s IT call the next time they phone you for tech help.
  • Coolest Costume “Craftwise” Prize: Gets a 3D printed trophy of themselves displayed in the Pixar Trophy case in the atrium. 2017, Coolest Costume “Craftwise” winner Edwin Fabian recently shared a photo with his trophy displayed in the Pixar atrium (see photo below).
  • Smaller prizes have included Director Mark Andrews coming up with a Haiku off the spot and yelling it to the winner and audience from the catwalk above the atrium. Catered lunch in one of the Pixar elevators and of course, the opportunity to launch watermelons off the roof.

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