Take a Sneak Peek at the Mini-Movie, ‘Auntie Edna’ — Pre-order Your Copy of ‘Incredibles 2’ Now [UPDATED]

Auntie Edna, the short mini movie, which will be released along with Incredibles 2 on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD just released a 30-second sneak peek.
Edna Mode with Water Formed Jack-Jack from "Auntie Edna"

Moviegoers cannot forget the on-screen energy between Edna Mode and Jack-Jack and still want to know what happened at ‘Auntie Edna’s’ when she babysat the feisty baby? Today, Pixar released a sneak peek look at the mini-movie, Auntie Edna, as the film’s official Twitter account released a 30-second clip that features several unseen powers of the tiny Parr tot.

If you recall, D23 Members who attended the recent tour of Pixar Animation Studios on August 6, were shown the film and the reactions were extremely positive with laughter spilling out of the theater from all attendees.

Jack Jack catching a ball and turning into smoke from Auntie Edna

Our favorite scene (pictured above) from the 30-second sneak peek is without a doubt the ‘Incredible’ effects and simulation used when Jack-Jack turns into a plume of smoke while playing catch. Not only was the gag unexpected but it was portrayed in the most amazing way — hats off to the team for creating this spectacular scene.

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It should be noted that since this is a mini-movie, it will probably only be a few minutes in length (2 or 3 minutes probably) — assuming the previously marked mini-movies for in-home releases are any indication (e.g., Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool). While you wait to watch the short film, check out the book called Babysitting Mode which also takes a look at what happened on their bonding adventure together (video review on our YouTube channel, or click to purchase on Amazon).

Edna from Incredibles draws supersuit

UPDATED Oct. 16: An additional clip from Auntie Edna was released on the Disney Movies YouTube Channel (embedded below) which appears to show the ending of the mini-movie (before Bob comes to pick Jack-Jack back up). 

What we loved about this newly released scene were the notes on Edna’s desk (pictured above) which appear to reveal most (if not all) of Jack-Jack’s powers. The powers noted are; Teleport, Phase Shift, Telekinesis, Anti-Gravity, Speed, Growth, Elemental Shift (Smoke, Liquid, Metal) and Electromagnetism. The two lists also include special notes penned by Edna indicating what may trigger some of Jack-Jack’s powers — including the Demon baby/cookie correlation. 

Incredibles 2 will be available for digital release on October 23 and on Blu-ray, 4K on November 6.

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