A Celebration of Toy Story Land Comes to Life in the Form of an Astonishing 32,000-Piece Domino Creation

A spectacular 32,000 piece domino creation comes to life to celebrate Toy Story Land.
Buzz Lightyear in dominos

When the new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened, Disney noted that guests would be able to “PLAY BIG”. Well, domino artist and popular YouTube star Lily Hevesh took that quote to a new level as she and her team created an astonishing Toy Story Land-inspired domino art piece. This gigantic creation was completed with 32,000 dominoes, including special effects with classic toys, as well as, new toys that can be purchased within Toy Story Land — Slinky Dog Light, Buzz Lightyear Bubble Blower, and Alien Swirling Saucer racers.

The incredible creation was set-up inside the Arena at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, where Lily and her team of four other domino experts spent nearly a week building the massive structure by freehand. Disney Parks has shared a short video compilation of the dominoes toppling which completed in less than five minutes. We were really hoping to have a glimpse of Lily kicking off the toppling by rolling the iconic Pixar ball into the dominoes (as seen in the video image below). However, you’ll see several other special effects — including some familiar portraits all done in dominoes.

The grand finale of the domino creation features a wall that reveals numerous signs from Toy Story Land and other Disney•Pixar experiences at Disney Parks around the world. Back in June, we were lucky enough to be on-hand for the opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and this fun domino creation truly matched the magic that we felt when walking through Andy’s Backyard. Disney Parks Blog has revealed that they were on-hand for the entire building process and will reveal a behind-the-scenes look, which we will be sure to update as soon as it is available.

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