Reflux, Raccoon & Monster Jack-Jack From the ‘Incredibles 2’ Target-Exclusive Funko Mystery Minis Set!

Watch along as we open The Incredibles 2 Target-Exclusive Funko Mystery Mini characters (Reflux, Raccoon and Monster Jack-Jack) & more.
Reflux, Raccoon and Monster Jack-Jack from the Funko Incredibles 2 Mystery Minis (Target Exclusive)

Reflux — check. Rocky Raccoon — check. Monster Jack-Jack — check. Whew! Anyone that’s a collector of blind-bag merchandise knows that finding the characters you want can be a challenging road at times. Sometimes you win big and other times you get a duplicate — but that is the fun of it, right?! The thrill of opening a box and not knowing exactly what’s inside is what drives people to collect things like Funko’s Mystery Mini line.

The Incredibles 2-themed characters caught our eye as soon as they were released and we knew we wanted (scratch that…needed) the trio of Target store exclusive characters. That meant that finding those three (shown above) would be tricky. Our goal was to find a complete case of 12 — therefore guaranteeing that we’d get all three of the exclusives.

Luckily, after a month or more since their release, we finally stumbled across an almost-complete case (11 of the 12 were there). Since these are so rare to find, we bought the whole case and had a blast opening them up. Check out our video unboxing below (or directly on our YouTube channel).

We know that finding some of these can be tricky, so if you can’t spot them in stores, or if you’re only missing one, check out our links below.


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You can pick up the Incredibles 2 Funko Mystery Minis at your local Target, buy a single random-character box on Amazon or use our direct links below to pick up a specific character on eBay.

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