Disney Emoji Blitz Game Celebrates 2 Years – Get Free Emojis & More

Disney Emoji Blitz – the fun match-3 style game is celebrating two years of fun. In honor of this milestone, they are giving away free emojis.
Disney Emoji Blitz 2 year Anniversary

Disney Emoji Blitz, the fun match-3 style game, is celebrating its two-year anniversary. In honor of this milestone, they are giving away free emojis — additionally, there are a few other fun things you can do to celebrate the upcoming, World Emoji Day, as well. All you have to do to collect your free emojis, is open the app!

  • #BlitzLikeThis2018 Photo Challenge: Now – July 17 – Disney Emoji Blitz is challenging Disney fans around the world to share how they are blitzing this summer with the #BlitzLikeThis2018 photo challenge on Instagram. From now through World Emoji Day, fans can use the hashtag #BlitzLikeThis2018 for the chance to be featured on Disney Emoji Blitz’s Instagram.
  • Two-Day Anniversary Giveaway: July 13 – July 14 – Paying homage to where it all began, Disney Emoji Blitz’s two-year anniversary giveaway will feature Disney classics Steamboat Willie, Oswald and Retro Minnie. One free emoji will be given to players upon opening the app each day of the giveaway.  If a player pulls an emoji they already have from the gift box, that emoji’s special power will be leveled up.
Disney Emoji Blitz Anniversary Gift
  • World Emoji Day Giveaway: July 17 – Celebrate World Emoji Day with an emoji giveaway, featuring Mulan, Miguel, Moana, Kristoff and Aladdin. When opening the app, players will automatically receive a giveaway box with one of these emojis on World Emoji Day.

We’re particularly thrilled that we’ll have an opportunity to get Miguel from Coco (we have his spirit guide, Dante, already).

Be sure to check out the Disney Emoji Blitz app (if you haven’t already) and “get matching” in order to unlock free emojis! Download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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