The Underminer, A Raccoon, and Wait…Was That Tony Rydinger? New ‘Incredibles 2’ International Trailer Showcases Several New Clips

New Incredibles 2 International trailer showcases several new clips.
Incredibles 2 International Trailer

As we inch closer to the theatrical release date of Incredibles 2, new clips and trailers are continuing to be released and this past week, the first International trailer for the film hit the internet. In the past, the International trailers (especially the Japanese trailer) have showcased several new clips, characters, and humor — and the Incredibles 2Japanese trailer definitely delivered.

The roughly minute-and-half trailer showcases several new clips of each family member, focusing on action, humor, and peril. We also get our first peek at the wrath of The Underminer with an action sequence between him and Mr. Incredible.

As for new characters, we do not get a glimpse of any new supers, however, it does appear that we get an extended glimpse of Tony Rydinger (Violet’s crush), as well as a look at the most highly questioned character of the film — the raccoon.  Watch the trailer embedded below (via JoBlo Movie Trailers).

The image shown below is quite possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing shots from a Pixar film (in my opinion, of course).

The talented Incredibles 2 team created an abundance of depth within this one shot, just a few standouts would be the ultra-realistic reflection on the countertop, the light-catching kitchen utensils, the bright-white morning sunlight off of Jack-Jack’s high chair, the subtle shadowing of the countertop ledge, the morning light showcasing the paint strokes of one of the kitchen cabinets, and the incredible shades of greenery outside (each masterfully lit) — honestly, this one set appears as if it’s from a live-action film.

Incredibles family kitchen

We will be sharing more of our thoughts on this International trailer in our upcoming Pixar Post Podcast.

Incredibles 2 hits theaters on June 15, 2018.

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