Ready To Get This Jazzy Guitar Cover of the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Theme Song Stuck In Your Head?!

Check out this fun, jazzy cover of the Monsters, Inc. theme song from a YouTuber!
Monsters Inc Theme Song Guitar

If you think of songs like You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story or Married Life from Up, they may bring you back to when you saw the film, to your childhood, or even just make you crack a smile. The Monsters, Inc. theme song (by Randy Newman) is another Pixar song that has the ability to make us smile — who doesn’t tap their feet and feel a little more jovial when listening to the theme song?

Because of the upbeat nature of the song, the oft-covered song has garnered vocal renditions, trombone versions, and drum versions (see below). But one cover of this song that caught our attention was an all-guitar cover of the song by thelittlestrummerboy on YouTube. We felt the spirit of this song so much that we wanted to share it. Get ready to get this track stuck in your head today.

Additionally, while browsing the other cover versions of the song out there, we also stumbled across this drum version of the theme which we loved as well. Watch until at least 40-seconds in, because that’s when gmanforce422 really gets going.

What did you think of these covers – have you done any yourself. If so, share them below or in the Pixar Post Forum.

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