Coco’s Mexico City Premiere at the Palacio de Bella Artes

Palacio de Bella Artes hosts Mexico City Premiere of Coco.
Coco Mexican Premiere

Last night (October 24), the filmmakers of Coco celebrated the Mexico City Premiere of the film at Palacio de Bella Artes, the cultural flagship of Mexico.

On-hand for the celebration was director Lee Unkrich, co-director Adrian Molina, producer Darla K. Anderson, and actor Gael García Bernal, who lends his voice to the charming skeletal trickster, Hector. The foursome joined other celebrities at the event, which benefited families that were injured by the recent earthquake, as well as the Center for Music Training and Development of the Mixe Culture.

In addition, some of the Latin American/Spanish-dub voice cast members were also in attendance (pictured above), marking the largest Mexican dubbing cast ever assembled for an animated film. Included in that incredible voice cast is Gael García Bernal who voices Hector not only in the English-language version of the film but also in Latin American and Spanish-language versions as well.

If you recall just last week, Coco, made history as the first animated movie to kick off the 15th annual Morelia International Film Festival (on October 20). The team of Lee Unkrich, Darla K. Anderson, and Adrian Molina were honored to take part in the opening night of the film festival, sharing how deeply inspired they were by the culture and traditions of the people of Mexico.

“As soon as we decided that we wanted to tell a story that takes place in Mexico, we immediately booked our first research trip,” said Unkrich.

“Over the course of three years, we visited museums, markets, plazas, workshops, churches, haciendas, and cemeteries throughout Mexico. Families welcomed us into their homes and taught us about the foods they enjoy, the music they listen to, their livelihoods, and their traditions. Most importantly, we witnessed the importance they place on family. We really wanted to explore the family bonds that tie us to the generations that came before us. This story is about celebrating our past—even as we look to the future.”

Below are some filmmaker tweets from last nights premiere.

Coco opens in Mexico on October 27, 2017, and in the United States on November 22, 2017.

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