Pixar ‘Coco’ Skullectables Series 1 Set & Blind Bag Opening (Updated)

Check out our video blind bag opening of the Pixar Skullectables Figures!
Pixar Coco Skullectables Series 1 Blind Bag Figures

They’re here! We couldn’t have been more thrilled when we visited our local Toys R Us yesterday and found a sampling of the new Coco-themed figures hitting shelves.

Between this new series from Mattel, the books that were released last week, and the products released earlier this month from the Disney Store, this is certainly amping up our excitement for the film. 

One series that we were particularly excited about was the Skullectables — a line of Mattel figures ranging from 2-to-3 inches in height which are absolutely fantastic. The Skullectables have swappable parts (every character is broken into three sections) which allows you to make fun mashups of characters or simply play and collect them.

Watch our blind-bag opening video below (embedded from our YouTube channel) in which we share all of the figures we found at our local store.  There are a few additional figures, including a large Pepita “Land of the Dead” set (photo below) and a temple playset (which doubles as a holder for your figures) and includes a translucent marigold-colored exclusive Miguel figure as well. 

UPDATE: Since we opened the bags, we realized that we hadn’t thought about looking at the codes on the back (we were so caught up in the Coco excitement – ha)! But now that we took a look again, we wanted to pass along the codes — they are below.

20670B-A: Miguel Rivera skeleton painted face
20670B-B: Miguel Rivera (standard)
20670B-C: Dante
20670B-D: Hector
20770B-E: Skeleton Ernesto de la Cruz (black and white)
20670B-F: Mama Imedla
20670B-G: Alebeije Dante
20670B-H: Pepita
20770B-I: Chicharron
20670B-J: Ernesto de la Cruz (blue Mariachi suit)
20770B-K: Abuelita
20770B-L: Emcee

Coco Skullectables Codes

In addition to the Skullectables blind bag opening video below, check out our quick summary video of what we found on the shelves at Toys R Us for a more complete view of the additional Mattel figure line.


Because we got one duplicate, we wanted to get your Skullectables collection going (or help complete yours) we’re giving away one blue mariachi suit Ernesto de la Cruz.

If you want to enter our giveaway (read full details below) for our duplicate Ernesto de la Cruz, all you have to do is leave a reply with your favorite Skullectable below along with the text “Giveaway Entry” (now through October 22, 2017, at 10:00 PM ET) and we’ll randomly select a winner from the comments on YouTube.

Although not required to enter, we’d also love it if you would subscribe to our YouTube Channel & ring the bell to get notified whenever we upload a new video. We’ll reply to the winning comment letting them know they were selected and then to claim your Ernesto you’ll just need to email us your name and address information within 48 hours of us posting the reply message. PLEASE NOTE that in order to be entered into the giveaway, you must live within one of the 48 contiguous United States of America AND be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. If the winner does not reply with their information within 48 hours, another random winner will be selected.

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