Pixar Post Podcast 058: Interview with Co-Director Adrian Molina & Lead Story Artist Dean Kelly (& More Coco, Cars 3 & Incredibles 2 News)

In Episode 58 of the Pixar Post Animation Podcast we talk with Coco story artists, Adrian Molina & Dean Kelly as they talk about making the film.
Coco Interview with Adrian Molina and Dean Kelly

In episode 058 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we continue our interview series from the two-day Coco press event where we talk with Co-Director and Screenwriter, Adrian Molina, as well as Lead Story Artist, Dean Kelly.

We share the full audio from the 30-minute discussion with the duo as they shared what worked with the film early on, what didn’t work, and even provide some facts about the Dia de los Muertos heritage (and how the tradition fits into the film).

Note that there are some light spoilers in the podcast — nothing about the plot is revealed, but insights into the film and its creation are discussed.

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  • Kicking off the show we start with some Coco-themed trivia and then dive into the latest Coco news. 
    • One of the main songs from the film, Remember Mewill be featured during the October 16 episode of Dancing With The Stars (Disney-themed night).
    • For Your Consideration – Coco is hopeful to be included in the Best Picture category at this year’s Oscars.
    • November 3 will see a sneak peek of Coco coming to Disney World and Disneyland parks.
    • Pixar’s first Virtual Reality experience will be centered around a Coco-themed game.
    • Although we’ll do a full video review soon, we give our quick overview of the first batch of Coco-themed books which hit shelves on October 10.
    • We also give our take on the most recent Coco merchandise which hit the Disney Store website – how can you resist Alejibre Dante?
    • Southwest Airlines recently decked out a 737-700 airplane in full Coco styling (with a logo, artwork and will even offer a live concert in the sky).
  • Cars 3 news
    • Just a quick reminder that the digital version of the film comes out on October 24 and the 4K/HD/DVD version hits stores on November 7 – read the full list of special features here.
    • We continue to expand on how much we love the demolition derby scene in the film and how we could watch it over-and-over again…in fact, you can watch the entire scene on Pixar’s Twitter feed!
  • Incredibles 2 news
    • JAKKS Pacific was recently announced as the manufacturer of the upcoming film’s toy line.
  • We also discuss our thoughts on the new Movies Anywhere video service and the closure of Disney Movies Anywhere.


Coco Adrian Molina Lee Unkrich discuss the film
Adrian Molina during an art review of the film with Lee Unkrich & team
Coco Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly working on storyboards for Coco

Listen in as we chat with Coco‘s Co-Director and Screenwriter, Adrian Molina, as well as Lead Story Artist, Dean Kelly. The duo touches on the challenges the story department faces, how they pushed through blocks to find a story that worked and provided some insights into earlier versions of the story.

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