New ‘Toy Story’ Apple Watch Faces Featuring Buzz, Jessie & Woody Coming This Fall [UPDATED]

The new Apple Watch OS 4 will feature three new animated faces from our Toy Story friends – Buzz, Jessie and Woody – check them out here.
Toy Story Apple Watch Faces

Today marked the kickoff of the 2017 Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (June 5-9) at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The event joins developers directly with Apple to share product announcements, offer educational sessions, and so much more to enhance and enrich the Apple developer community.

During today’s Keynote, we knew we were going to get a preview of the new watchOS 4 but we were ecstatic to also learn of the inclusion of three new animated watch faces exclusively for Apple Watch — Buzz, Jessie, and Woody from Toy Story (check out our GIF of the event below).

Toy Story Apple Watch Face GIF

Starting in the fall, users will be able to download the new characters after updating to the new watchOS 4. One thought we had when viewing the new faces was that we’d love to see the font for the time be more in line with the official Toy Story font — or if the character hands were the hour and minute markers (how they are for Micky and Minnie). Any way you slice it though, we’re excited for the first inclusion of Pixar characters on the Apple Watch, and you can bet we’ll be switching our watch face as soon as the new download is available.

Mickey and Minnie Apple Watch Faces

Read more details on the upcoming watchOS 4 on Apple’s press site.

[UPDATED – June 22] The most recent beta version of watchOS 4 has been released and contains working versions of the Toy Story watch faces…and there are even more characters than originally reported! A sample video is embedded below from YouTube user iDB shows Bullseye, the Green Aliens, Rex, and Hamm. Keep in mind that the samples in iDB’s video are only a small number of the available animations and you can switch to a random mode (called Toy Box) or to a specific character you want (only Jessie, Woody, or Buzz Lightyear).

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