Gearing Up For ‘Cars 3’ – Promo Ads and Products (Racing Helmets, Waze, Autotrader & More)

Cars 3 is hitting theaters in a month and the co-promotions between Pixar and other companies are starting to roll in – take a look.
Cars 3 Promotions

With Cars 3 only being a few weeks away from hitting theaters, the co-promotion for the film is in full swing. With product pairings ranging from Autotrader and HJC racing helmets to the deep integration with Waze (more on that below), you can’t help but continue to be excited for Lightning McQueen and the gang to hit the big screen on June 16. Below are some of the more recent company promotions.


In this promotion, clips from the film and toolkit animation are mixed to help the theater promote its rewards program.


In the spirit of the film and centered around Autotrader’s personalized search functionality, the 30-second Autotrader television spot features the well-known cast of characters from Cars 3 showcasing their distinctive personalities. Autotrader rallies viewers to find the car that best fits their lifestyle. The spot concludes with the tagline – “Every car has a personality. Find the one that fits yours at Autotrader.”


More Memories Per Getaway 30-second promo.


Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app — and it’s awesome. As if the functionality of the app wasn’t fantastic enough, a new update allows users to have their virtual car in the app become Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm (including the actors’ actual voices). We’re going to be doing a more in-depth video review coming soon, so we’ll save some more of the specifics until then, but in the meantime, download Waze and start outsmarting traffic.

Waze Lightning McQueen


Is there a better promotional pairing than a racing motorcycle helmet and Cars 3? These new high-end helmets with Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm designs would surely stand out among the crowd and HJC is known for making a statement (they have Star Wars and other licensed designs as well). Our only question is where’s the Cruz Ramirez design?

Cars 3 HJC Helmets

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