Coco News: Conan O’Brien Humorously Coaxes Pixar To Change The Title of ‘Coco’

Conan O’Brien recently heard of Pixar’s upcoming title of their film and (humorously) wasn’t happy about it. Watch the clip.
Conan O'Brien Pixar Coco

On a recent episode of Conan (TBS), host Conan O’Brien caught wind of Pixar’s upcoming film title, Coco, and was a bit perplexed. Since 2009, Conan has affectionately been known as “Coco” thanks to a humorous interview with (coincidentally) Woody’s vocal actor, Tom Hanks, who thought Conan could use a nickname.

Conan stacks the deck against Disney and Pixar in a hilarious, yet convincing manner. He points out that the show’s websiteYouTube channel, social channels, and more are geared after the moniker — he even jokes that his own Son calls him “Coco”. 

Watch the embedded video below as “Coco” coaxes Disney to change the name of the upcoming film.

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