Easter Eggs Found in the ‘Coco’ Teaser Short, ‘Dante’s Lunch’

Pixar’s short ‘Dante’s Lunch” features numerous hidden easter eggs.
Coco Dante's Lunch

This past week (March 29), Pixar released an official Coco short titled, “Dante’s Lunch – A Short Tail.” The short which was previously released alongside the live-action Beauty and the Beast is themed after Dante (Miguel’s four-legged companion) as he chases a bone through the streets of (what is believed to be) Miguel’s hometown.

This approximately 2-minute short not only features strong technical skills mastered by the Coco team – but a few hidden Easter Eggs as well.

In the first image (below) you’ll notice a vendor selling several Lucha Libre masks, and if you look closely, you’ll see that one mask resembles the famed Luxo ball.

Dante's Lunch Coco Pixar Ball

As the short continues, we stumble across this young boy holding corn. Director Lee Unkrich revealed on Twitter that the team affectionately named the character “corn boy” and even created t-shirts using an original storyboard drawing by Madeline Sharafian (who single-handedly storyboarded the short). If you look closely at “corn boys” shoes, you’ll see that they are stylized after Lighting McQueen.

Dante's Lunch Cars Corn Boy

As the short continues we noticed the name of the graveyard is “Panteon Santa Cecilia.” Not only is this where we get our first look at (who we assume is) Hector, but it also may tell the location of where the movie may take place. Assuming there are not multiple graveyards with the same name, Miguel may live approximately 15 miles south of Mexico City (view on Google Maps).

In the graveyard, we noticed a familiar portrait on one of the altars next to (the assumed) Hector. While we cannot confirm when we zoomed in on the image it appears to be a touching tribute to the late Joe Ranft.

Coco Dante's Lunch Joe Ranft

As we continue to watch Dante’s Lunch, our excitement continues to grow over this beautiful film, and we cannot wait to spot more Easter Eggs when Coco hits theaters on November 22, 2017.

Have you spotted any Easter Eggs that we may have missed? Share your findings with other Pixar fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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