Suspenseful "Next Generation" Cars 3 Teaser Premieres During The Daytona 500 NASCAR Race

During the Daytona 500, a brand new Cars 3 Next Generation teaser premiered amongst a very exciting race.
Cars 3 Next Generation Trailer

During the Daytona 500, the kickoff race to the 2017 NASCAR season, Pixar premiered a brand new teaser trailer for Cars 3. The teaser focuses squarely on the next generation of racers and continues the story of the uphill battle Lightning McQueen must face if he wants to win amongst the new cars. A voice-over throughout the teaser (presumably for the new hot-shot, Jackson Storm) points out the efficiencies realized through the new technology he’s sporting — 2% lower drag coefficient, 5% increase downforce, 1.2% higher top speed.

One of the more emotional moments of the teaser is the sound of a familiar voice we weren’t expecting to hear — Doc Hudson — who warns, “Get ready for what’s coming.” Watch the teaser below and then keep reading below as we point out an item we spotted in the new teaser that raises some questions.

Although at first glance, you might think the teaser didn’t include a lot of new footage — it did include one element that made us wonder if the previously released teasers were only McQueen’s dream that he was reliving. If you notice, in all prior teasers of McQueen’s crash, the lighting is much brighter, where the new teaser clearly shows a nighttime race. Additionally, and more telling, McQueen’s decals are very different as illustrated in the screenshots below (the top image is from the prior teaser and the bottom screenshot is from this teaser).

Cars 3 Crash

In any regard, these are two distinct moments, so what does it mean? Leave a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum — a user even spotted a blurry image of Mater, Luigi, Sally, and possibly Guido during the teaser.

Regarding the race – as we reported before, Owen Wilson was on hand to proclaim, “Driver’s, start your engines” and serve as the Grand Marshall for the race. Below is a photo of Owen, along with another great look at Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (revealed at the NASCAR press event last Friday). Finally, we were thrilled to see Ryan Blaney, one of the voices in the upcoming film (Ryan “Inside” Laney) come in second place during the Daytona 500.

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