‘Cars 3’ Extended Sneak Peek Teaser Trailer (Including Our Video Breakdown)

The Cars 3 extended sneak peek trailer was released today showcasing a continued darker tone for the franchise.
Cars 3 Extended Teaser Trailer

We all come to a point in our lives where things become harder than they once were. Are we truthful with ourselves as we experience these new adversities? Or does it take a major event to shake us to our core to first realize we must begin doing things differently as we age?

You will never be the racer you once were — accept it.” A prophetic, yet caring voice utters those words to Lightning McQueen, all while questions about the future career of the racing legend swirl around him. The Earth-shattering event Lightning faces in the extended Cars 3 teaser trailer is a horrific crash, sending him soaring through the air and subsequently crashing to the ground.

If McQueen wants to get back in the game to race a little longer, he must live by his own words, “I decide when I’m done“. He must learn to think differently and train harder than he’s ever had to if he intends to beat the seemingly flawless rookie, Jackson Storm. This is where Lightning begrudgingly welcomes the help of a new trainer, Cruz Ramirez, to compete against the next generation of high-tech racers.

Cars 3 Trailer Screencap

In addition to the intense action in the trailer, we were also excited to see some gorgeous visuals and a multitude of new racetracks, like the Grandole Oil Company Raceway, Rustbelt Raceway, Copper Canyon, and even the Buy N Large Raceway (as spotted by Gray Catbird in the Pixar Post Forum).

Cars 3 Whipplefilter

During our live trailer discussion (embedded below), Julie also noticed a moment where McQueen looks extremely muddy and appears to have hidden his trademark #95 (on purpose) to look like a #15 instead. Is this an effort on McQueen’s part to hide his identity and anonymously learn new skills under the guidance of his trainer, Cruz Ramirez?

What are your thoughts on the extended teaser trailer? Write a comment below or chat about it with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum.

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