Updated ‘Coco’ Details, Vocal Cast & Soundtrack Notes

Coco director, Lee Unkrich provided a brief update on the vocal cast for the film – read more.
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Late last week, Coco director, Lee Unkrich updated fans with a small update regarding the vocal cast for the film as well as linked to a Los Angeles Times article providing a sneak peek at some of their most anticipated films and television shows of 2017. The LA Times piece focuses on an overall look at the film, and while we have reported on most of the details previously, a few elements stood out and expanded on what we had previously known.


Miguel’s hometown had a little more light shed on it as we learned what region of Mexico it was themed after.

Miguel hails from a village named for Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, and modeled by Pixar on towns in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Lee Unkrich

Lee also expanded on the brilliance of Miguel’s vocal actor, Anthony Gonzalez (age 12). Previously Unkrich noted that Anthony was selected after the original scratch (temporary) actor’s voice changed too much after turning 17.

“Finding a good kid actor is like finding a needle in a massive haystack. It’s been a race against time to get this done before his voice changes. He’s really great and I’m lucky to have found him. He makes the movie super-special.”


Unkrich also provided additional details on the soundtrack as well as the earlier rumors that the film may have been Pixar’s first musical.

Though it’s not strictly speaking a musical, there are a lot of songs in “Coco,” as virtually all of the characters are performers. The soundtrack will be a mix of original music and Mexican standards. “When people think of Mexican music, they most often think of mariachi, and that, of course, is one part,” Unkrich said. “But there’s really a vast landscape of music and we’ve tried to embrace all of it.”


Finally, Lee tweeted that the character of Mama Coco (Miguel’s Great-Grandmother) would be voiced by actress, Ana Ofelia Murguía. The vocal cast that was previously announced, in addition to Ana’s inclusion, has been updated below.

(Miguel’s Great-Great-Grandmother, Imelda, is another character previously mentioned that we don’t have a vocal cast update for currently, but are eagerly awaiting an announcement.)

Miguel Rivera – voiced by Anthony Gonzalez. Unkrich noted that Anthony was selected as the scratch (temporary) vocal artist after a multi-national search of hundreds of children (and who replaced the original scratch actor who is now 17 or 18).

Hector – voiced by Gael García Bernal. In this photo tweeted by Lee, we see Gael at work in the vocal booth for the film. Hector, a friendly and trickster-style spirit, is Miguel’s skeletal companion on his journey in the land of the dead.

Ernesto de la Cruz – voiced by Benjamin Bratt. Ernesto, a deceased film and music star is linked to Miguel’s family and is Miguel’s idol. The interview noting Benjamin’s involvement in the film can be seen here.

Abuelita (Granny) – voiced by Renée Victor. Miguel’s Grandmother.

Mama Coco – voiced by Ana Ofelia Murguía. Miguel’s Great-Grandmother.

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