‘Finding Dory’ News – Returning to Theaters For 1 Weekend & Emoji Storytelling

Finding Dory, is returning to theaters over the Labor Day weekend. Also check out Finding Dory as told by Emoji.
Baby Dory

Finding Dory is set to return to theaters September 2-5 (for the Labor Day holiday) and if you haven’t seen it yet, or just want to see it again on the big screen, now is your chance!

The encore appearance of the film will be re-released in more than 2,900 theaters nationwide and will certainly help nudge the film closer to the $1 Billion mark (worldwide box office revenue). Finding Dory is already the highest-grossing domestic animated film of all time and is one of the most successful films of 2016 (across all genres of movies).

So, are you going to see Finding Dory again this weekend — leave a comment below to let us know?

In addition to the re-release of the film, Disney created a fun rendition of the movie as told by emojis. What’s interesting is after we watched the summarized, 3-minute version of the film, we absolutely wanted to head to theaters again to experience Finding Dory one more time! Check it out below – we laughed the most when Destiny pressed send in order to avoid getting hit by the truck.

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