Vans Launches a ‘Toy Story’ Themed Shoe & Accessories Collection & It’s Awesome (Now Available)

A fantastic collection of Toy Story-themed Vans shoes have been released – check them out.
Toy Story Vans Shoes

The Vans company recently announced the launch of a complete series of shoes, clothing, and additional accessories based on the famed Toy Story franchise — and the best part is that the whole family can get outfitted.

Releasing online and in Vans retail stores on October 7, the series is grounded with a stellar lineup of kicks — 3 geared towards Woody, 2 Buzz designs, 1 glow in the dark pair with the green aliens (insert “Oooooo” here), and many more designs featuring Bo Peep, Rex, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and even Sid’s Mutant Toys.

UPDATED – Many of the Toy Story Collection shoes and accessories are already sold out. Early this morning we spoke to a Vans representative who confirmed that the Toy Story Collection will be restocked in the next couple of weeks due to its popularity – be sure to keep checking the Vans site (The collection is officially sold out now and removed from the Vans site).

UPDATED – We streamed a Facebook Live video from our local Vans store to get a quick look at some of the shoes they had – check it out below and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page for even more Live videos.

For younger fans, there is a series of kids and toddler sizes as well which are absolutely adorable and a must-have for parents.

The ladies’ apparel line is comprised of adorable tees, fleece, hats, and a backpack while the gentlemen can get outfitted with hats, socks, and an additional backpack design themed after Buzz and the aliens.

Which shoes or accessories are your favorites (leave a comment below)? Personally, we’re leaning towards the Buzz (green, purple, and white) shoes as well as the brown leather Sk8-Hi-tops themed after Woody’s cowboy boots.

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