Adrian Belew’s Lively ‘Piper’ Soundtrack Now Available

Read our review and writeup surrounding the release of the soundtrack for Pixar’s Piper.
Piper Soundtrack

In Pixar’s latest short film, Piper, the title character is nudged from her world of convenience by a loving Mother and a hungry belly. Throughout her journey to becoming a skilled food-seeker, the score (written by Adrian Belew) brilliantly flows along with the visuals of the film.

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If you’ve been eager to hear the song from Piper again, you can now (as of July 29) purchase the lively five-minute and forty-three-second track individually on Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon.

Along with the song (through Amazon), a mini two-page PDF booklet is also available which contains the adorable cover art by Pixarian, Jason Deamer, as well as the listing of musicians who brought the score to life.

When listening to the song without the visuals we were able to pick out many more individual elements since we weren’t also focused on the adorable characters and stunning landscapes. The subtle string plucking, the airy celeste notes, and the ominous timpani drums all jump out at you with great clarity on the score.

Pixar Piper Scoring Session

Let us know your thoughts about the score and be sure to also listen to our interview with Piper director, Alan Barillaro on episode 48 of the Pixar Post Podcast. In the podcast, we chat about the recording process and working alongside Belew in the studio (and even how Pixar’s pool played a role in the score). Additional photos from the scoring process can also be found in our podcast post.

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