‘The Art of Finding Dory’ Book Review – 176 Pages of Animation Details & Insights

Read and watch our review of The Art of Finding Dory by Chronicle Books. This 176 page book dives into the rich history behind the film.
Art of Finding Dory book cover

What is it about Pixar that makes us fall in love with their films? Is it the characters? The story? Or is it something else? Of course, there isn’t one element you can easily define that makes a Pixar film have its signature feel — It’s the synergy of many components. It’s the attention to detail, the passion, and the team’s commitment to making a quality film that makes us tear up, get goosebumps and excitedly tell our friends about a little blue fish we met in the theater named, Dory.

The Art of Finding Dory is 176 pages of in-depth looks into the history of the film. From early character sketches on scrap paper to graphic artist renditions of logos or posters that dress the sets of the film, there’s no better way to dive into the background of the movie than by flipping through the pages. This book goes back to the roots of the “art of” series and provides countless storyboards, color scripts, and text which provides even more insights into the art which fills the pages.

Watch our video review below as we provide a peek at several of the pages (with no spoilers) as well as a brief excerpt from John Lasseter’s Preface and Andrew Stanton’s Foreword. If you’ve been a fan of the “art of” books before, you’re certain to love The Art of Finding Dory — if this is your first foray into an art book, there’s no better place to jump in.


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You can pick up the book on Amazon in a new or used format.

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